Our Philosophy

SANZARU Group is designed around the Japanese philosophical proverb of the mystic monkeys, who teach a sensible approach to life by not allowing evil actions, words and thoughts to take hold of you.

We believe in challenging the status quo by partnering with founders, investors and managers to support them in their journey to create commercially viable products and services with a positive social and environmental impact, and to build lasting, sustainable businesses.

To accomplish our mission, we provide:

  • Funding to grow their businesses,
  • Support on surpassing the hurdles experienced by early-stage ventures, and
  • Advice on go-to-market strategy, finance, marketing and sales.

Our Services

Executive Support and Advisory

Strategic and financial advice strengthened with implementation support.

We support companies achieve profitable growth as senior advisors and non-executive directors, bringing together strategy, finance and sustainability. We advise companies launching new products and services or entering new markets through strategic advice, financial know-how and robust implementation support.


Beyond capital with knowledge sharing and hands-on involvement.

We invest in SMEs where we can provide focused, differentiated support to management by having an active role on the board or by being involved in their strategic and operational activities. We share our knowledge and insights on entrepreneurship, go-to-market strategies, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.