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SANZARU Group is an independent advisory firm that partners with sustainable and impact investors to support them in their journey to create enduring positive impact.

Our company is designed around the Japanese philosophical proverb of the mystic monkeys, who teach a sensible approach to life by not allowing evil actions, words and thoughts to take hold of you.

Our services include:

Our Services


We bring independence, a big picture approach, objectivity, critical thinking, technical expertise and diplomacy to the board room. We support sustainable funds and companies in effectively navigating governance, strategic, financial and sustainability challenges. We have a long track record advising alternative fund managers, as well as business leaders across sectors.

๐–ถ๐–ง๐– ๐–ณ ๐–ฃ๐–ฎ ๐–ถ๐–ค ๐–ฃ๐–ฎ

  • Provide multilingual governance expertise
  • Share understanding of Luxembourg and European regulations
  • Provide expertise on sustainable and impact investment, responsible business practices, as well as impact measurement and management
  • Perform critical analysis and give independent advice
  • Use common sense and sound judgement
  • Challenge and probe objectively
  • Make effective decisions along an efficient process
  • Listen actively and communicate unambiguously
  • Mentor and nurture business leaders
  • Uphold integrity and high ethical standards
  • Devote required time and energy to the role
  • Maintain a deep network of professional contacts


Our capital raising services help you finds the right mix of financing and secure fund investors fund for your investment vehicles.

๐–ถ๐–ง๐– ๐–ณ ๐–ฃ๐–ฎ ๐–ถ๐–ค ๐–ฃ๐–ฎ

  • Determine capital allocation and optimal financing structure between equity, debt, and grant financing sources
  • Leverage our extensive global network of fund investors (development finance institutions, multi-lateral banks, fund-of-funds, foundations, family offices, et al.)
  • Run efficient process including market sounding, valuation, due diligence coordination, investor selection, term sheet and agreement negotiation, and closing
  • Prepare necessary marketing materials (teasers, information memo, investor presentations, et al.)

Our Blog

State of European VC Market and its Structural Differences with the US

Historically, a lot of research and books have been written about the US venture capital markets. Strangely enough, there is fairly little to be found on European VCs. While I won’t be able to provide a peek-under-the-hood, I delved deeper into the VC market in Europe to understand how it differs from the US. Why …

Why are ESG KPIs so important? What’s holding them back?

Understanding a companyโ€™s current or potential future success has historically been determined using a combination of financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs). Financial KPIs include things like cash flow, while non-financial KPIs focus on the drivers behind these that cannot be expressed in monetary units, such as customer relationships. These non-financial KPIs commonly provide …

A Chat with Business Mentoring Luxembourg

This interview originally appeared on the Business Mentoring Luxembourg Blog on 04-Sep-2019. Stephan Peters, Managing Director of SANZARU Group, has been a mentor with Business Mentoring Luxembourg since 2016 and has so far supported three mentees in different sectors. He shares his broad experience as an investor and and senior advisor. Can you briefly introduce …

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